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Kaleidoscope Statement Necklace
Lavender Drop Necklace
Dainty Intial Clay Necklace
Seaside Statement Necklace
Herringbone Charm Necklace
Rectangular Initial Clay Necklace
Confetti Loop Acrylic Necklace
Multi Charm Initial Clay Necklace
Coral Luau Necklace
Minimal Acrylic Name Necklace
RIVA necklace
RIVA necklace
$ 36.00
Acrylic Gem Pendants
Mustard Luau Necklace
Pastel Initial Sunbeam Necklace
Colorful Initial Sunbeam Necklace
Tiny Oval Initial Necklace
Dainty Moon Necklace
Handpainted Wooden Gem Necklaces
Rounded Initial Clay Necklace
Acrylic Initial Necklace
Acrylic Loop Necklace Wholesale
Typewriter Initial Necklace
Rainbow Initial Acrylic Necklace
Sun and Moon Dainty Necklace
The Venus Statement Necklace
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