Hello! I’m Jill of Jill Makes, and I make colorful jewelry and accessories. I live in Louisiana with my husband and our two little boys.

After earning a graphic design degree I landed a job working as a graphic designer for a jewelry company. I spent several years there designing ads and business cards; eventually, I began to help design products. That’s when I fell in love with jewelry design – I really felt I had found my niche. However, I kept wondering what it would be like to design products for my own business. I knew I would regret never trying to do it, so eight years and two kids later I branched out on my own.

When I opened my shop I wanted to create pieces that I would want to wear. I initially planned to do freelance graphic design on the side to help pay the bills; however, my shop started doing well enough that I could focus solely on running my shop and designing new products.

I hope you find something in my work that inspires you!